Professional Certificate Programme

in Community based Eco-Tourism


By completing this Professional Certificate Programme, students will gain more knowledge about tourism, marketing, and ecotourism. They will learn about the concept of experience and about how to design experiences. In the end of the course there is a project part where the students create their own ecotourism experience, a project that eventually could be potentially turning into reality at a later stage after finalizing this concentration. 

This programme consists of three courses the students must complete to receive the Professional Certificate. Each Course is composed of 8 Units and each unit has a study load of around 25,. including self-study, completing tasks and two weekly in-class meetings with a local Facilitator.  The programme is designed as Blended-Learning programme which means it involves both online learning and In-Class-Meetings.

Students participate both in a group with peers in the local community in a local classroom and in a global community of learners as they will be studying in global classrooms with students from several JWL Learning Centers all over the world.

The programme is prepared in cooperation with the Experts of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management St. Ignatius (HTSI) in Spain.

The Outline of the Concentration:

Course 1: Fundamentals of Tourism and Ecotourism: Demand

Introduction to Tourism, Tourism destinations, Sustainable Development Goals and Tourism,

Introduction to strategic operational marketing, Macro and Micro Analysis for ECO-Tourism Products, Tourist behavior, ECO-Tourist, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Course 2: The supply and the global sustainable Tourism: Co Creation

Configuration of sustainable products, Ecotourism Products, general interests, Promotion fundamentals, marketing, building an eco-brand, proposing a unique and eco message: Shining in a World Cloud, e-communication tools: Cooking your Communication mix

Course 3: Design responsible tourism experiences

Experience Economy, the concept of experience, “Personas” and the Customer Journey, Generating ideas for your new responsible tourism experience, Project Management, Business Plan

 Introduction to Community based Eco Tourism