Creative Writing & Design

Professional Certificate Programme

Name of the course: Creative Writing & Design 

Course Outcomes: 

After the successful completion of this course, Students will be able to:

  1. gain more knowledge to achieve jobs in the digital media
  2. learn about creative writing for Blogs and other media 3. learn about the basics of graphic design
  3. learn about the basics of Web design.

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This 6 months professional certificate programme consists of three courses of 2 months/8 weeks each. They are listed as below:

  1. Creative Writing for first two months/ 8 weeks.

Students who are successfully completing Creative writing will be enrolled immediately in the next course “Graphic Design”

  1. Graphic Design for next two months.

Students who are successfully completing Graphic design will be enrolled immediately in the next course “Web Design.

  1. Web Design for the last two months

Certificate will be awarded after the successful completion of all the above three courses within 6 months. No break is allowed in between and all the students will be enrolled in the subsequent course, by default if he/she passes the previous course until the third course is completed with “Pass” Grade, earning the award of a single certificate on “Creative Writing and Design”.

No certificate will be awarded if a student finishes anyone or/ and two of the three courses stated above.

Each Course consists of a total of 8 Units (1 unit per week) and each unit has a study load of a maximum of 25 hours. This 25 hours of workload per week includes

1) Self-study time 2) Completion/submission of Student tasks and 3) twice a week In-Class-Meeting with Onsite Facilitator.

The course delivery will follow Blended-Learning model where online learning and In-Class-Meetings are mandatory.

Students participate in a global community of learners as they study in a global classroom where in students from various JWL Learning Centers all over the world are enrolled in global classroom.

Creative writing and Design course is prepared in coordination with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) of the St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore ( India

Outline of the Course: Creative Writing and Design

         1. Creative writing

This course will be your guide as you embark on the journey of being a writer, someone who is able to express themselves freely and put their thoughts into words.

We all have a story to tell, no matter where we come from or what our family background is. More often, writing is the only means of self-expression available, but we are held back by our own inhibitions.

The online instructors or the subject Matter Experts have designed this course having the same aspiration as above. They hope that students will discover themselves at the end of this course, through writing.

    • Brainstorming
    • Free Association
    • Descriptive Writing
    • Persuasive Writing
    • Argumentative Writing
    • Narratives
    • Personal Narratives


  • Expository Writing

2. Graphic Design

The objective of the course is to look at how images function in terms of conveying different messages and meanings. It also offers an overview of graphic design concepts and its implementation.

Short Introduction: 

Graphic design is one of the most important tools of visual communication. To design is to create with intent, or, in other words, to assign visual order to conceptual abstractions. Introduction to Graphic Design is intended to give the learner, the basics for becoming a successful visual communicator, if they wish to master page layout techniques, the creation of eye-catching posters, brochures or packages or to be aware of the complex world of informational graphics.

  • The discipline of Graphic Design
  • Design Elements
  • Principles of Art and Design
  • Layout and composition strategy
  • Color Fundamentals
  • Typography
  • Corporate Communication Tools
  1. Web Design


Objective of the course:


After completing this basic course on web design, students can plan and design effective webpages.

Students can write basic HTML and CSS codes towards implementing web pages Students learn basic concepts of HTML, CSS and Java script

  • Basic of the internet and Elements of HTML
  • HTML and XHTML
  • HTML Table tag and frames
  • CSS Part 1
  • CSS Part 2
  • Java script